Kylie Bax

“This is perfect to take on my upcoming trip to Greece!”

Greg Grunberg

“Just genius. This is such a good idea.”

Michelle and Scott Kuelbs-Burkard

“I just want to thank you and your team for the excellent customer service regarding our recent order. Your company truly stands beside its mission statement. We appreciate the way you do business. We wish you continued success. We will be spreading the word about your fabulous blankets and plan to order again in the future.”

Tori Spelling

“I’ve been eying this all day. I love it!”

Anje Bogott

“Thank you for the awesome beach blanket…I ordered for my 14 year old daughter…she loves it and is a BIG hit at the beach whenever she uses it!!”

Candy Rodriguez, President of HomeCorp Relocation & Real Estate Services

“I wanted to let you know that I placed an order for 10 blankets, and have used them for corporate gifts for my clients. I own a corporate relocation company, so my clients are executives . I felt that the blanket was a different idea (nobody likes getting a pen every year, or another paper weight), and boy was I right! The comments I got ranged from “I am taking this on a cruise”, to “my son can use this for his sleeping bag/beach bag” for summer camp. I love this blanket, and thankfully I was smart enough to save 2 for myself! They are fabulous and unique. Thanks!”

Simon Rex

“I saw this on the ‘Pledge This!’ set and stashed it away from Paris Hilton, because I loved it so much.”

Rosanna Arquette

“It’s such a cute Idea!”

Lisa Price

“I took it out, opened it, and put it back in without looking at the instructions. I remembered what you told me over the phone to just reach your arm in and grab the terry to close it up – it was so easy!!”

Lacey Chabert

“I love it!”

Sarah Michelle Gellar

“This is such a great idea. I love the pink one.”

Dominic Monaghan

“This is Cool!”

Shannon Elizabeth

“This is so fantastic. I love the Pink Lady!”

Debbie Matenopoulos

“This is great!”

Paris Hilton

“I love the Pink Lady!”

Selma Blair

“This is a great product. I love it!”

Tracie and Family

“Tracie has already been using her blanket lots. She uses it in the house with the kids. It’s become THE blanket. Remember, our youngest is 2. Of course, the 8 year old needs to be on it, too. Then, the 15 year old. Tracie and family are getting plenty of use — we’ll be at the beach with it soon. It is warming up here, too.”

Monica Sinclair Tayler

“Congratulations on the great press that you are receiving on your blanket. I have to tell you, we absolutely love our Rolle Beach Blanket. It is the most luxurious beach blanket I have ever owned. The fabric is fabulous. All of the pockets are great to stash those necessities, like sunglasses, sun block, money, and cell phone. I love the way the blanket folds into its own carrying pouch, that I can just throw over my shoulder and carry to the beach. Much easier and much more comfortable than trying to lug a bag with an armful of towels!”