The Rollé blanket has inspired many knockoff and copycat products from cheap imports to ridiculously expensive designer ensembles consisting merely of colorful towels in tote bags. Rollé Blankets have always been manufactured to the highest possible standards and designed to last a lifetime. No one has ever come close to duplicating its elegantly simple design and appealing style.

Double layer 6.5 Foot x 4 Foot Blanket

The bottom layer is polyester microfiber. This remarkable colorfast fabric is breathable, dries quickly, resists sand and ultraviolet damage, and offers superior comfort when combined with the terry cloth surface layer. It is remarkably lightweight and durable.

Patented anchoring system

Customized anchoring coins reside in hidden pockets found in each corner of the blanket. Coins are removable for laundering or for use of the blanket at home as a comforter or when weighting is not required. This system anticipates the occasional need for additional weights (optional), which can be added for extra windy conditions.

Hidden pockets In addition to the pockets for coin-weights, Rollé blankets feature several additional hidden pockets for valuables, personal electronics and accessories


Each Rollé blanket folds into itself. It converts into an amazing shoulder bag with plenty of room to spare for just about everything you’ll need for a day of outdoor fun. The bag features interior and exterior pockets, a key hook, a locking drawstring and the ingenious Flexi-Strap™ suspension system. It uses elastic bands in the shoulder strap, enabling the user to carry the bag for long periods of time without fatigue.

In short, the Rollé Blanket is personal, customizable, smart, cool, machine-washable and designed to last a lifetime.